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Advertising in Acoxpa Walk

Advertising in Paseo Acoxpa is a very dynamic element since the shopping center has 56,000 square meters of construction, enough space and sections to create different styles of projects, it was opened to the public in 2010 in the Ex Hacienda Coapa neighborhood, Al east of the Calzada de Tlalpan is just 5 minutes from the Azteca stadium, one of the most important stadiums in the world and surrounded by large universities.

The square has unique velarías in Mexico creating a feeling of an amplified space, in addition to perceiving an environment of visual cleanliness that in turn goes hand in hand with the warmth and tranquility of being outdoors, this same space has become in a very important meeting point for family and friends, positioning itself as one of the first recreation centers among the locals.

The architectural project was developed by Grupo Arquitech, with an investment of approximately 100 million dollars, in this complex there are large stores including: Grupo Palacio de Hierro which is present in its Boutique Palacio and Casa Palacio formats, as well as large national and international companies such as Best Buy, Sport City, Cinépolis, Nike, Martí and California Pizza Kitchen.

Due to the architectural trend that it has, it could be considered as a contemporary environment where the facilities are first class, favoring optimal access for pedestrians in general and automobiles in addition to the use of different construction materials.

At Cattri we have the exclusivity of advertising in Paseo Acoxpa, with which we have been able to develop spaces that merge with architecture, which has allowed us to obtain an adequate, specific impact for clients with which we have created unique experiences in people.

You can also find in addition to all our fixed spaces, a special place to advertise the brand, we have a huge screen in the food court area with which people are usually entertained while eating their food, an important element to create advertising in Paseo Acoxpa.

Due to its strategic location, it is one of the shopping centers that has the best communication routes, so reaching it is not a problem, plus the times hindered by the intense traffic at peak hours, this often makes some projects advertising in Paseo Acoxpa are very attractive to customers.

Paseo Acoxpa is a welcoming space for select people, one of a kind, thanks to its architectural design.

Thanks to its proximity to the Aztec stadium, it has a certain flow of people when there are events in it, such as concerts, soccer games or any type of meeting where the meeting is considered as a massive group of people.

The way of publishing in Paseo Acoxpa by Cattri has been inherited by the experience of more than 10 years, as well as the constant innovation and evolution that has taken place in these years in the world of brand management.

Logo Paseo Acoxpa

Calz. Acoxpa 430, Equipamiento Fábrica Fisisa, 14300 Ciudad de México, CDMX

Main storesCinepolis, Best Buy, La Boutique Palacio, MacStore, Movistar, Steren, Nextel, Iusacell, CAC Telcel, bancos, restaurantes, estéticas, Hospital Ángeles, entre otros.
List of spacesVitral, Banner, Baticueva, Caja de luz, Mupi, Tríptico, Pluma, Cubo Elevador, Pantalla, BTL.
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The spaces that we have available for advertising in Acoxpa Walk are very varied below, the names and some photographs are shown in the images so that the spaces in their environment can be viewed.