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Advertising in Central plaza

Plaza Central is located in Iztapalapa, the largest delegation in Mexico City with a population of almost two million and a total lack of modern commercial premises, it facilitates the visit of people to this square, thus helping publicity in Plaza Central benefit from exposure to the large number of daily impacts.

This Shopping Center is located on one side of the Central de Abastos, which is why it is a place well known by merchants who are a captive audience to be able to market all kinds of brands. In addition to having a gym, cinema and various restaurants.

In this square we manage the largest spaces to generate publicity in the Central Plaza in the market that can be in a shopping center, as well as our traditional spaces.

The advertising spaces in Plaza Central range from triptychs to walls completely upholstered with the image of your brand.

At Cattri we are proud to be able to offer spaces to generate publicity in Plaza Central and that in turn be an optimal and innovative type of advertising that involves visitors in a unique experience.

The way of advertising in Plaza Central by Cattri has been inherited by the experience of more than 10 years, as well as the constant innovation and evolution that has taken place in these years in the world of brand management.

Plaza Central

Calle Canal Río Churubusco 1635, Área Federal Central de Abastos, Código Postal 09040 Ciudad de México,

Main storesLiverpool, Sears, Guess, iShop, Swarovski, Julio, Zara, Acura, Tommy Hilfiger, Tous, Bancos, restaurantes, tiendas de ropa, cines, distribuidores automotrices entre otros.
List of spacesVitral, Banner, Baticueva, Tríptico.
Socioeconomic profile
D +


13 a 1811%
19 a 2420%
25 a 3428%
35 a 4424%
45 a 7517%





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Spaces available

The spaces that we have available for advertising in Central Plaza are very varied below, the names and some photographs are shown in the images so that the spaces in their environment can be viewed.