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Advertising in Delta Park

Parque Delta is a shopping center in the Piedad Narvarte neighborhood in Mexico City, built on the site of the former Parque Delta stadium. It is located at the corner of Eje 1 Poniente Cuauhtémoc and the Viaduct. Its anchor store is Liverpool. Opened in 2005, it was built by Grupo Arquitech. There is a total of 145,000 square meters developed on three levels.

The shopping center is a fluid meeting point that is currently growing, receives more than 18 million visitors a year among children, adults and the elderly, it is a center completely designed for family environments and entertainment.

Parque Delta was built on the site of a former baseball stadium, which is located in an established middle-class area.

This shopping center is constantly evolving to adjust to new trends and thus be able to offer the best products for the general public, this allows to create activations and different types of advertising projects in Parque Delta, without worrying about whether the public will accept it. , since thousands of people pass through this square daily.

First shopping center combining a department store and a supermarket. The combination turned out to be a success, as it brings together essential items and luxury stores: two important needs of middle-class families in Mexico City as well as elements necessary to create advertising in Parque Delta.

In this shopping plaza you can cover all your needs from buying the home pantry to buying a beautiful dress.

Since its opening, it has enjoyed a great commercial boom and has remained at the forefront in order to offer each guest the best shopping and entertainment experience, thanks to its more than 132 commercial premises of brands and franchises of national prestige and International comfortably divided into three levels in which the best shops, restaurants and entertainment centers coexist.

Since its opening, the advertising projects in Parque Delta have been the most successful shopping center per square meter in the country in terms of visitors, they have been in a unique way and have managed to reach the public also in terms of rents for tenants, success has not ceased .

The advertising in Parque Delta that Cattri has includes:

Triptych. – which is a glass structure with three faces, walls in this case are branded walls with advertising elements, a ramp which is distinguished by being branded the rail of the electric ramp in the glass part. Stained glass, this is in a glass wall in the part of the parking lot on the escalators. Column which is covered with a straight structure that has several faces to embed advertising elements. Corridors this, as its name says, consists of branding some corridors of the shopping center with advertising elements. Stairs consists of branding the handrail of the escalator

Parque Delta

Viaducto esq. Avenida Cuauhtémoc, Colonia Narvarte.

Main storesLiverpool, Office Depot, Soriana, Tous, Ferrioni, Sanborns, Telcel, C&A, Cinemex, Bancos, Restaurantes, entre otros.
List of spacesTríptico, Muro, Escalera, Columna, Vitral, Caja de Luz, Rampas.
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D +


13 a 1810%
19 a 2420%
25 a 3431%
35 a 4427%
45 a 7512%





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Spaces available

The spaces that we have available for advertising in Delta Park are very varied below, the names and some photographs are shown in the images so that the spaces in their environment can be viewed.