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Advertising in Perisur

The Perisur Shopping Center is one of the largest in Mexico City, it is located on the corner of Periférico Sur and Insurgentes Sur, in the Jardines del Pedregal neighborhood in the Coyoacán delegation south of Mexico City.

Like the plaza satellite shopping center and the Santa Fe shopping center, this is located within the 3 largest and oldest shopping centers in Mexico, which is of great impact when generating publicity in Perisur

The influx of people is great, because being one of the first shopping centers in Mexico City, it has a great popularity created over time by its customers.

Due to the large space that this center has, it is possible to imagine advertising in Perisur in different ways within it, since thanks to its scale it can be implemented in different types of spaces and in turn in different representations.

The way of advertising in Perisur by Cattri has been recognized for the experience acquired by more than 10 years of innovation, as well as the constant evolution that has taken place after these years in the world of brand management.

Given the proximity of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and the corporate area of ​​Perisur, the influx of this center is very crowded, since due to the location of the neighboring elements, it becomes an important meeting point.

Perisur has a wide area of ​​shops, restaurants and entertainment centers which serve to generate a space for coordination in advertising in Perisur, and thus allow a closer approach and a stronger impact of the brand towards customers.

Another beneficial point with which this shopping center has is that being of this size, the time that customers spend in it and the large spaces that they can travel, as a result, when moving within the shopping center and as it is very grande lends itself to creating advertising in Perisur in various sections, permeating the brand to passersby.


Anillo Periférico 4690, Insurgentes Cuicuilco, 04500 San Ángel Mexico, CDMX

Main storesCinepolis, Forever 21, Oysho, Ferrioni, Mango, Sport World, GAP, Old Navy, American Eagle, La Europea, Innovasport, Zara, Bancos, Restaurantes, entre otros.
List of spacesVitral, Banner, Baticueva, Caja de luz, Pantalla, Mupi, Tríptico, Muro, Pluma, Cubo Elevador, BTL
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The spaces that we have available for advertising in Perisur are very varied below, the names and some photographs are shown in the images so that the spaces in their environment can be viewed.