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Advertising in satellite square

Plaza Satélite is a complex that began to be built in 1968 and is located in Ciudad Satélite, municipality of Naucalpan Juárez, State of Mexico, its inauguration was on October 13, 1971.

The design of Plaza Satélite comprises an “H” -shaped trace, in the central segment it is composed of a main lobby that contains a sculpture with the logo of the plaza, a large space that can be used to advertise in Plaza Satellite in an original and unique way, thus being able to generate advertising activations of all kinds.

One of the spaces that we have in Cattri to generate publicity in Plaza Satélite is the exterior wall that has a view towards Liverpool, which is seen by a considerable number of people during the day, when leaving or entering the parking lot, This causes a reaction in the consumer before entering the complex, creating the need to obtain that item.

Wall cube:

These are one of the many sites for advertising in Plaza Satélite that we have, our other options can be viewed in the image carousel found on this page.

This shopping center has existed for more than 4 decades in it, activations of all kinds have been carried out, and it is a complex in which the administration of the place is used to new and different ideas of generating publicity in Plaza Satélite.

Due to its strategic location, it is one of the shopping centers that has the best communication routes, so reaching it is not a problem, beyond the times hindered by the intense traffic at peak hours, even so, there are ways to enter by private transport through two North peripheral routes and the Shopping Center Circuit.

This is one of the characteristics with which the usability of the center is intensified and the flow of people from the entire northern area of ​​Mexico City, since the geographical area that includes the capacity of customers until they see another shopping center, is one of the largest in the city.

Within the complex, the light boxes are strong points when generating publicity in Plaza Satélite which are found at the entrance by Periférico and on the wall of a well-known cafe, in this case the light that comes from the light boxes is by instinct more striking to people, since the illuminated elements are always outstanding from a common environment.

Plaza Satélite

Cto Centro Comercial 2251, Cd. Satélite, 53100 Naucalpan de Juárez, Méx.

Main storesCinepolis, Forever 21, Oysho, Ferrioni, Mango, Sport World, GAP, Old Navy, American Eagle, La Europea, Innovasport, Zara, Bancos, Restaurantes, entre otros.
List of spacesVitral, Banner, Baticueva, Caja de luz, Pantalla, Mupi, Tríptico, Muro, Pluma, Cubo Elevador, BTL
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Spaces available

The spaces that we have available for advertising in Satellite Square are very varied below, the names and some photographs are shown in the images so that the spaces in their environment can be viewed.