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Ecovía is a project that contemplates the implementation of modern buses that will circulate on exclusive lanes to the center of the main road of the Lincoln-Ruiz Cortines Corridor.

It has 80 buses with ecological engines, air-conditioned and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which will travel a length of 30 kilometers from the Lincoln integration terminal in Monterrey to the Valle Soleado integration terminal in Guadalupe, with 39 intermediate stations.


The development and implementation of this project of the Integrated Metropolitan Transportation System includes:

  • 30 Kms. Of exclusive lanes on Lincoln and Ruiz Cortinez avenues.
  • Universal Accessibility.
  • Air-conditioned high-tech buses.
  • Heated stations.
  • Screens that indicate the arrival times of the buses.
  • Automated prepayment system.
  • Payment compatible with the Feria System.


  • The system will directly serve the municipalities of Monterrey, San Nicolás and Guadalupe, and through feeder routes it will benefit the municipalities of Apodaca, García and Santa Catarina.
  • It will serve a total of 160 thousand users of public transport daily on the trunk lines.
  • The Metro will be interconnected to the Ecovía, thus increasing its longitudinal coverage from 32 to 62.1 kilometers and the user will have more destinations available with the same ticket.
  • The user will have a comfortable, safe and reliable public transport service.
  • It will reduce transport times for the user by up to 50 percent. The one-hour tours of Lincoln and Ruiz-Cortines will take 30 minutes.
  • 47 public transport routes will be restructured, which will improve the roads for motorists in the corridor.
  • It will reduce 16,750 tons of carbon dioxide a year, which represents about 5 percent of current emissions in the corridor.
  • The use of private cars in the project’s area of ​​influence will drop between 15 and 20 percent in the medium term.
  • It will generate 1,500 jobs during construction.

CURRENT RATE $13.80 pesos.* 

* These rates will be increased by $ 0.05 (five cents of Mexican peso) on the first day of each month, in accordance with the Agreement published in the Official State Newspaper on January 24, 2014.

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