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Suburban Train Advertising

It is a means of transport that connects the State of Mexico with Mexico City, which is an important element to develop advertising in the Suburban Train, in this way it is the most appropriate option to travel long distances in a maximum time of 25 minutes comfortably and safely. It consists of 6 stations and the Buenavista terminal, located below the Buenavista Forum Shopping center, which also connects with Line B of the Metro and Line 1 of the Metrobús, the Suburban transports thousands of people who daily made a journey of more 2.5 hours on the section from Buenavista to Cuautitlán, reducing the journey time to a maximum of 25 minutes.

Aware of the transport needs with which large cities of the world are identified, the suburban is the most recommended option to travel long distances at an accessible price, and that works as an impact of time on people’s daily lives, it is In other words, the advertising messages within the subway can be seen by users, an extensive amount of time (on some occasions) that will allow the generation of advertising on the Suburban Train in a unique way in a comfortable, safe way and in turn complying with the requirements of The responsibility of the Suburban Train to maintain a greener environment since June 2008.

This project is the first to use rail transport on a massive scale for passengers in Mexico, and represents a united effort spearheaded by the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, together with CAF México and with the collaboration of the governments of Mexico City and the State of Mexico.


Cuautitlán – Buenavista

The Suburban Train is one of the most important means of transportation within Mexico City and the State of Mexico, this being an important factor to generate advertising projects in the Suburban Train appropriate to the two different areas with different socioeconomic approaches.

Cattri and advertising on the Suburban Train

Within Cattri we have had a very close relationship with the Suburban Train, allowing us to create very important advertising projects in the Suburban Train capable of making users fall in love and permeating the presence of the brand in a unique way, making each advertising action a unique experience.

Advertising on the Suburban Train becomes very important and massive, since it has an influx of approximately 180 thousand daily users, a number that has an impact on an important portion of the Valley of Mexico.

Within the Suburban Train stations, the Buenavista station is where Cattri can offer advertising in an even more complete and competitive way, thus being able to create activations of importance and significance.

The Suburban Train has 7 stations that constantly have high flows of users at peak hours, this volume that is impacted by the advertising that is continually with them during their journey, whether to go to work, school or to visit a family member. , Cattri advertising is present in users.

What are the advantages of advertising on the Suburban Train?
  • The amount of daily impacts would be more than 180 thousand multiplied by the different spaces that we have, this is reflected in a sample of 4.8 million inhabitants who benefit from the operation of the Suburban; 3 million in the State of Mexico and 1.8 million in Mexico City.
  • Annually the number of users is capable of exceeding 100 million.
  • Creativity can be exploited by making activations or specific messages for a specific area.
Socioeconomic profile
D +


13 a 188%
19 a 2427%
25 a 3429%
35 a 4417%
45 a 7519%





Monthly Users


Spaces available

The spaces that we have available for advertising in the Suburban Train are very varied below, the names and some photographs are shown in the images so that the spaces in their environment can be viewed.