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Advertising in shopping centers is ideal to reach the consumer right at the time of the purchase decision. In most cases we buy impulsively and without knowing why. This is achieved with visible strategic advertising just in the places where the possibility of purchase is greater.

The main advantages of advertising in shopping centers are:

– Spaces can be quickly customized.
– Proximity to the site to make the purchase.
– Personalized and flexible advertising.
– Target audience segmentation.
– Original and creative messages.
– Acceptance by the public to receive publicity.

publicidad en centro comerciales


We are moved by what is different, every day we are innovating in media and in campaigns to create an ideal impact.

National coverage

we are in all states of the mexican republic impacting the entire audience with all kinds of means.

Powerful Technology

We develop new systems, with which we can have an unmatched immediacy.
Publicidad en centros comerciales crecimiento

The best means OOH

Today people are exposed to hundreds of advertising impacts daily, For this reason we have focused on our means generating quality and a good emotion towards consumers by being in points of sale or waiting places, thus being in harmony with the environment.

The new information medium

In recent years the news media have undergone many transformations, TVOOH is one of them, we created it by combining traditional television with external media, installing thousands of monitors controlled via internet, generating content every day.

Service in our bones

Cattri is a company with only one goal: to look good! Our name is the greatest asset for us, for which hundreds of employees have the mission of delivering excellent service, Our maximum satisfaction is having clients for many years thanks to the trust they give us.


We offer competitive prices, we have a circuit of screens in the main shopping centers of the country; Customers can choose how often their ads run and we also suggest to the customer, based on experience, what is the most appropriate strategy for their brand.

Cattri: Leaders of advertising in shopping malls, print advertising and means of transport.

The most common types of advertising in shopping centers are:

1.- Advertising screens. 
2.- Hanging posters.
3.- Advertising towers.
4.- Side of the stairs.
5.- Parking.

6.- Advertising at the access doors.
7.- Facades.
8.- Information desks.
9.- MUPIs.
10.- Stands.

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